• Reggae Under the Stars on St. John!

    Welcome to Reggae Under the Stars!

    Honored to sit in with Reggae Dynasty as part of Reggae Under the Stars last Sunday, November 12, 2017 on St. John! With the theme “A place of the past through the eyes of the Native St. Johnians”, the event was organized to benefit the Myrah Keating Smith Community Health Clinic following Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

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  • Reading at Pistarckle Theater’s New Playwrights Festival!

    Something new for yours truly… dramatic readings at the New Playwrights Festival (NPF) at Pistarckle Theater May 20th! These are from Stacey A. Bryan’s “Bone is for Dog; Meat is for Man” (Tariq) and Gillian Royes PhD’s “How to be an Immigrant”. Also presented was Matthew Hamilton-Kraft’s “Alternative Facts”. It was a rewarding experience.

    These plays were chosen from among 7 entries; each play’s first act was presented; Frank Bartolucci directed. Every play was a winner! Hamilton-Kraft was the only playwright on hand to collect his participation award, the other two were unable to be present due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Host/Actress (Bryan’s “Sad Mangoes, a 2015 NPF entry and 2016 season hit), Pistarckle Theater Board Member and New Playwrights Festival Chair Gloria Gumbs sees the NPF as a way to cultivate and showcase local playwrights and elevate the arts organically!

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  • Congrats to our Junior Calypso Winners!

    Primary Winner Ka’stin-Italia “Princess Italia” Roach!

    Simply a magnificent night!! The First Bank Junior Calypso Competition presented by the VI Carnival Committee on Tuesday, April 18th was second to none!!! Congratulations to the winners – Ka’stin-Italia “Princess Italia” Roach (Primary), K’Nia “Lady K” Maduro (Intermediate), and Khamoi “Prince Khamoi” DeSilvia (Secondary)!

    It was an honor to serve alongside these amazing musicians: Clayton Emanuel (Trumpet); Kaseem Pemberton (Trumpet); Akeel Breedy (Saxophone); Sherwin Williams (Saxophone); Michael “Coggy” Cuggins (Trombone); Te’Jani Jackson (Trombone); Georges “Frere Soul” Thomas (Guitar); Nyere Francis, Jr. (Drums); Khaimal Venzen (Bass).


  • King Kan takes 18th Annual Buoy Ah Buoy Crown!

    One of the best calypso shows/competitions I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of: the 18th Annual Buoy Ah Buoy Big Man Ah Big Man on April 16th… Congrats to winner King Kan, 1st runner up Waggy, and 2nd runner up Mighty Pat! [Read More…]

  • Don’t Miss the 2017 First Bank Junior Calypso Competition!!!

    The message is in the music at the First Bank Junior Calypso competition presented by the VI Carnival Committee on Tuesday April 18th at 8pm at the Lionel Roberts Stadium, and it promises to be an exciting night filled with talented youngsters delivering social commentary as only they can! [Read More…]

  • 18th Annual Bouy ah Bouy, Big Man Ah Big Man Calypso Competition

    Strictly Local Productions presents the 18th Annual Bouy ah Bouy, Big Man Ah Big Man Calypso Competition on Sunday, April 16, 2017 (Easter Sunday) at the Charlotte Amalie High School Auditorium at 7pm. This year’s topic: “Back in De Day”. [Read More…]

  • Working the Musical at Pistarckle Theater – Whatta Band!

    Well – we finished ‘Working’, the musical production at Pistarckle Theater! Whatta band Whatta band Whatta BAND!!!

    It was a marvelous experience….taking this opportunity to acknowledge and thank ALL the musicians during the run: Steve Richman (guitar), Paul Dirks (bass guitar), Paul Cater Deaton (drums & percussion), Eric Malmstrom (guitar), Khaimal Venzen (bass guitar), Nyere Francis Jr. (drums)…

    Your contributions made this musical an exciting and rewarding adventure!!! (Band photos by Bonnie Goodman Erb via Facebook)

  • Pistarckle Theater presents: Working

    Pistarckle Theater’s “Working” is a musical story that focuses on the works, dreams joys and goals of the average working American. Don’t miss this intimate glimpse of the everyday lives of the people who help keep America moving every day. You’ll be inspired and moved by “Working”, based on words of Studs Terkel, adapted by Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso, with contributions by Gordon Greenberg. Live musical accompaniment will be provided by some of St. Thomas’ finest musicians! [Read More…]

  • 70s Classes Scholarship Fund “Clash of the Decades” Concert a Fantastic Success!

    It was a night of amazing stars as the Classes of the 70s hosted its 2nd annual Clash of the Decades talent show and scholarship fundraiser Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017 at the C.A.H.S. Ruth E. Thomas Auditorium featuring music from the 50’s to present. [Read More…]

  • Classes of the 70s to host 2nd Clash of the Decades Talent Show Feb. 4

    Don’t miss the show of the decade as we lend our talents to the Classes of the 70s 2nd annual Clash of the Decades talent show and scholarship fundraiser Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017 at the C.A.H.S. Ruth E. Thomas Auditorium, 7pm sharp. [Read More…]