Robert Leonard is truly “the total package”! In addition to musical performances, he is skilled in balancing audio to provide a superior sensory experience for all audiences.

SOUND SYSTEM: Contact Robert Leonard if you are in need of a sound system or engineering support for your own setup.

TALENT: Robert has provided voiceovers and appeared in local television commercials and promotional interviews, and has an engaging and easygoing manner to help move the show along as your friendly announcer.  BOOK NOW

Listen to a sampling of some of Robert’s advertising work:


Robert Leonard has been both creator and performer for commercial jingles and video ads for local and national ad agencies. Some of Robert’s personality work for advertising:

Island Insight Features for local cable (Moxie Marketing)
KFC (Austin Advertising)
KMart (Burrell Advertising)
Old Milwaukee (Austin Advertising)
Selective Service (Local)
Sunrise Pharmacy (N. Russell)
Tennent’s Stout (Austin Advertising)
Welch’s Tropical Juices (Orion Advertising)
V.I. Energy Office (J. Newhart Productions/Dean Concepts)
Imaging for WSTA Radio (Ottley Communications Corporation)