Recording Studio

This Pro Tools – powered studio is capable of churning out audio files in file formats to suit your needs. Jingles, beats, ADR for film, backgrounds, demos and fully-produced recordings for distribution. Custom arrangements by request.

Live VI Music

Steel pan, duos, combos, and one-man orchestra available, from elegant incidental music to full-on dance parties! Many genres, including Pop, Reggae, Jazz, Calypso, Standards and Novelties. Customize your entertainment experience!


RSL Productions provides quality audio support for your intimate or large events (mixing board, speakers and microphones). Robert Leonard is also available as a product spokesperson, emcee or to DJ with a wide variety of musical styles.

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Reserve recording studio time, book a live solo, steel pan music or a band combo, sound system, DJ, commercial talent and more from one of the Virgin Islands' finest professionals!

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