• Congrats to our Junior Calypso Winners!

    Primary Winner Ka’stin-Italia “Princess Italia” Roach!

    Simply a magnificent night!! The First Bank Junior Calypso Competition presented by the VI Carnival Committee on Tuesday, April 18th was second to none!!! Congratulations to the winners – Ka’stin-Italia “Princess Italia” Roach (Primary), K’Nia “Lady K” Maduro (Intermediate), and Khamoi “Prince Khamoi” DeSilvia (Secondary)!

    It was an honor to serve alongside these amazing musicians: Clayton Emanuel (Trumpet); Kaseem Pemberton (Trumpet); Akeel Breedy (Saxophone); Sherwin Williams (Saxophone); Michael “Coggy” Cuggins (Trombone); Te’Jani Jackson (Trombone); Georges “Frere Soul” Thomas (Guitar); Nyere Francis, Jr. (Drums); Khaimal Venzen (Bass).


  • King Kan takes 18th Annual Buoy Ah Buoy Crown!

    One of the best calypso shows/competitions I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of: the 18th Annual Buoy Ah Buoy Big Man Ah Big Man on April 16th… Congrats to winner King Kan, 1st runner up Waggy, and 2nd runner up Mighty Pat! [Read More…]

  • Don’t Miss the 2017 First Bank Junior Calypso Competition!!!

    The message is in the music at the First Bank Junior Calypso competition presented by the VI Carnival Committee on Tuesday April 18th at 8pm at the Lionel Roberts Stadium, and it promises to be an exciting night filled with talented youngsters delivering social commentary as only they can! [Read More…]

  • 18th Annual Bouy ah Bouy, Big Man Ah Big Man Calypso Competition

    Strictly Local Productions presents the 18th Annual Bouy ah Bouy, Big Man Ah Big Man Calypso Competition on Sunday, April 16, 2017 (Easter Sunday) at the Charlotte Amalie High School Auditorium at 7pm. This year’s topic: “Back in De Day”. [Read More…]

  • Working the Musical at Pistarckle Theater – Whatta Band!

    Well – we finished ‘Working’, the musical production at Pistarckle Theater! Whatta band Whatta band Whatta BAND!!!

    It was a marvelous experience….taking this opportunity to acknowledge and thank ALL the musicians during the run: Steve Richman (guitar), Paul Dirks (bass guitar), Paul Cater Deaton (drums & percussion), Eric Malmstrom (guitar), Khaimal Venzen (bass guitar), Nyere Francis Jr. (drums)…

    Your contributions made this musical an exciting and rewarding adventure!!! (Band photos by Bonnie Goodman Erb via Facebook)

  • Pump Boys and Dinettes at Pistarckle Theater

    Country/Rocking fun at Pistarckle Theater for “Pumpboys & Dinettes” – A rollicking, good time musical!! Directed by Frank Bartolucci – music directed by Robert Leonard (on keyboards in this video). Run: April 9-25, 2015

    by John Foley, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel, Jim Wann

    Welcome to Highway 57 somewhere between Frog Level and Smyrna… where you will meet the “Pump Boys” who sell high octane gas and the Cupp sisters, who run the Double Cupp Diner next door.

  • First Friday at Fat Turtle, Yacht Haven Grande

    Robert Leonard (with Sidney Bell and Abu Springette) performs as “On Target” at Fat Turtle for First Friday at Yacht Haven Grande – October 3, 2014. All types of live music available.

  • At Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Sunset Grille

    ‘On Target’ performing at Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Sunset Grille, featuring three dynamic entertainers; Sidney Bell on vocals and guitar, ‘Ras’ Abu Springette on vocals and percussion, and Robert Leonard on vocals and keyboards.

  • With Stephanie Vanterpool at Yacht Haven Grande Farmers Market

    Video from an appearance at the the Yacht Haven Grande Farmers Market, with On Target featuring Stephanie Vanterpool.

    Many thanks to the late June Archibald of the Precious Produce Farms, who facilitated these appearances!


  • First Fridays at Magens Point Resort

    Great time was had by all at 1st Friday at Magens Point Hotel on August 2nd 2013 with On Target featuring Roy Chesterfield on drums, Cliff Finch on guitar and yours truly, Robert Leonard. If you haven’t been to one – make sure you get to the next!! A real treat for mind, body and Soooouuull!!

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    Phone Number: 1-340-513-4041

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