• Sitting in with #InityXplosion at Abi Beach Bar

    It’s a beautiful day for Reggae! Sitting in today (Sunday 05/28) w/Inity Xplosion at Abi Beach Bar 2-6pm!

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  • Reading at Pistarckle Theater’s New Playwrights Festival!

    Something new for yours truly… dramatic readings at the New Playwrights Festival (NPF) at Pistarckle Theater May 20th! These are from Stacey A. Bryan’s “Bone is for Dog; Meat is for Man” (Tariq) and Gillian Royes PhD’s “How to be an Immigrant”. Also presented was Matthew Hamilton-Kraft’s “Alternative Facts”. It was a rewarding experience.

    These plays were chosen from among 7 entries; each play’s first act was presented; Frank Bartolucci directed. Every play was a winner! Hamilton-Kraft was the only playwright on hand to collect his participation award, the other two were unable to be present due to unforeseen circumstances.

    Host/Actress (Bryan’s “Sad Mangoes, a 2015 NPF entry and 2016 season hit), Pistarckle Theater Board Member and New Playwrights Festival Chair Gloria Gumbs sees the NPF as a way to cultivate and showcase local playwrights and elevate the arts organically!

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  • 3 local plays showcased in Pistarckle Theater New Playwrights Festival

    Like you’ve never seen me before… acting! Proud to be a part of the readings for this weekend’s New Playwrights Festival at Pistarckle Theater on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 7pm. There will be 3┬áplaywrights presenting their original works: Matthew Hamilton-Kraft (Alternative Facts), Stacey A. Bryan (Bone is for Dog; Meat is for Man), and Gillian Royes, PhD (How to be an Immigrant). We’ll bring the drama, and perhaps some laughs and tears. Hope to see you there!