• Pistarckle Theater’s ‘Rock of Ages’ production crew rocks!

    Thanks to the crew of Rock of Ages!

    It has been a most pleasant experience working and performing with all the members of the cast and crew or “Rock of Ages”. The production was not without challenges, but the talent and camaraderie made all pitfalls merely learning tools to making an even greater performance.

    Thanks to Frank Bartolucci director, Mary Capella Choreographer, Bonnie Erb, Property Master, Simon Britton Sound Design, and Karen Gauriloff Light Board Operator. Never a better group of people to work the long, tiring hours with!

    Special thanks to the band; Tommy August on guitar, Roy Chesterfield on drums, Daril Scott and Lance Turner on bass- you guys really Rock!

    Look forward to doing more, and creating more magic with all of you!!

    — Photo: Rock of Ages band members Roy Chesterfield (drums), Tommy August (guitar), Robert Leonard (keyboards, Musical Director), Lance Turner (bass) (not pictured, Daril Scott also on bass)