• The band for Sister Act at Pistarckle Theater, St. Thomas

    It was an honor to work with you all! The fantastic band for the musical “Sister Act” at Pistarckle Theater (October 14-29, 2016):
    Kasim Pemberton, Robert Leonard (yours truly), Paul Cater Deaton, Clayton Emanuel, Paul Dirks, Urbane Chinnery, & Halvor Hart III


  • “Sister Act” at Pistarckle Theater Oct. 6-29, 2016

    pistarckle-theater-sister-actJoin us for another fantastic Pistarckle Theater production, “Sister Act” – a rollicking smash hit musical comedy based on the 1992 film of the same name. You’ll laugh, you’ll sing, you’ll want to get on your feet! As the Musical Director, I’ll be joined by top-notch musicians and a thrilling cast of characters.

    The production runs through October 6-8, 14-16, 21-22, 28-29, 2016…. Thursday October 6th is “Pay As You Can Night”! [Read More…]